Saturday, April 01, 2006
  Game over, time to turn the page (April's fools post)
This is my 2006 April fools post. None of what is said is actually true, as befits the tradition.

I've had it.

If you read a comment I made yesterday on some blog, you'll know how upset I am at corporate "wisdom", that keeps taking the wrong decisions, over and over and over again.

Today didn't do much to clear my head, on the contrary.

So I've decided it's time to quit.
I am leaving my current position, am no longer going to work in IT, and I've accepted a long-standing proposition to work as a consultant for a major portuguese player in the fishing industry.

And what do I know about fishing, may you ask? Well, a lot more than I do about computers. You throw stuff into the water and you lure fishes to come out of it. With computers, with all the stuff I've thrown into them, I could never get a fish to come out of the drive or anything; a couple of bugs, maybe, but never something as complex and wholesome as a fish.

This decision has been long in the making, and I am aware of all the consequences. I do know I'll suddenly start having a lot more problems with computers, because I will no longer be a computer engineer. The dress code will be an advantage, since I won't have to change much - I can go on wearing high-collar sweaters and sturdy boots, and that's ok by me.

One of the main advantages will be that in the fishing industry it's a lot harder to bring your work home with you, unless you happen to live by the shore (which I don't). Well, you can bring the fishes, but by then they no longer count as "work", the right word would be "dinner".

Lastly, I would like to extend a word of appreciation and thanks to all the people I've worked with in IT during the last 20 years. Your example and inspiration has always been a source of continued strength and motivation for me. It's a pleasure and a privilege to work in an industry with such dedicated and inspired minds as I've had the chance of knowing and working with, on countless occasions.

And if you ever happen to drop by the docks some day, pay me a visit. I'll be the one in the yellow overall, smoking a pipe and making witty comments about the weather.
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